About KungFu4Women

Welcome to KungFu4Women.com

Kungfu4Women.com gladly welcomes all martial disciplines and all practitioners of the martial arts who enjoy the philosophy behind the practice of true martial arts.

This is the journal of a few ordinary women on the path to discovering some extraordinary things through the practice of real martial arts. In sharing these thoughts and perspectives, it is hoped that readers might also want to further explore, reflect and even share their own experiences as it pertains to the martial arts and everyday living.

And for those who stop by who have yet to try their hand at martial arts, perhaps just maybe they will feel inspired to try something new, something different and something that gives them control over their own mind, body and spirit.

The role a teacher can play in one’s personal growth and development as a student of the martial arts is not to be underestimated. It is important to note that virtually all that is written on this site as it pertains to the philosophical side of the martial arts can be attributed directly to our teacher. Our teacher shares his own knowledge and many years of experience in the martial arts so generously and enthusiastically that one can’t help but learn to appreciate the philosophy behind martial arts training.

With his permission we share our own perspectives of what he teaches and it is my hope that I can do some justice to the original spirit and essence of those teachings. No doubt, what we see or fail to see, will continue to change and evolve over the years.

And so, if you have discovered something of value on these pages, then your thanks belongs to my teacher, as does mine.